Strategic Sourcing

  • Apple

    National and Global Sourcing

    With access to thousands of growers and suppliers, FoodSource provides produce from local and regional growers. This reduces food miles and ensures consistently fresh products. We also offer global procurement options.

  • Money

    Transactional and Program Purchases

    Besides daily transactional business, we help you create exclusive partnerships with select growers and shippers, allowing for predictable pricing and consistent supply.

  • Barcode

    Inventory Management

    We provide demand-driven inventory management for retail and foodservice companies. In this role, we optimize inventory turns and drive efficient planning and forecasting. Working collaboratively, we keep your orders filled and fresh produce in your supply chain.

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    Sourcing Optimization

    As your business evolves, so should your supply chain. Our experienced and dedicated team helps to satisfy the needs of your customers by analyzing your situation, identifying your sourcing needs, recommending solutions, and delivering them with excellence.